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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Differences in salinity tolerance of genetically distinct Phragmites australis clonesAchenbach, Luciana; Eller, Franziska; Nguyễn, Xuân Lộc; Brix, Hans
2017Effects of recirculation rates on water quality and Oreochromis niloticus growth in aquaponic systemsNgô, Thụy Diễm Trang; Konnerup, Dennis; Brix, Hans
2016Effects of soil type and water saturation on growth, nutrient and mineral content of the perennial forage shrub Sesbania sesbanTrương, Hoàng Đan; Brix, Hans
2012Evaluation of aquatic plants for removing polar microcontaminants: A microcosm experimentMatamoros, Victor; Nguyễn, Xuân Lộc; Arias, Carlos A.; Salvado, Victoria; Brix, Hans
2014Increased invasive potential of non-native Phragmites australis: elevated CO₂ and temperature alleviate salinity effects on photosynthesis and growthEller, Franziska; Lambertini, Carla; Nguyễn, Xuân Lộc; Brix, Hans
2012Interactive effects of elevated temperature and CO₂ on two phylogeographically distinct clones of common reed (Phragmites australis)Eller, Franziska; Lambertini, Carla; Nguyễn, Xuân Lộc; Achenbach, Luciana; Brix, Hans
2012Musk fragrances, DEHP and heavy metals in a 20 years old sludge treatment reed bed systemMatamoros, Victor; Nguyễn, Xuân Lộc; Arias, Carlos A.; Nielsen, Steen; Laugen, Maria Molmer; Brix, Hans
2013Photosynthesis of co-existing Phragmites haplotypes in their non-native range: are characteristics determined by adaptations derived from their native origin?Nguyễn, Xuân Lộc; Lambertini, Carla; Sorrell, Brian K.; Eller, Franziska; Achenbach, Luciana; Brix, Hans
2014Preadaptation and post-introduction evolution facilitate the invasion of Phragmites australis in North AmericaGou, Wen-Yong; Lambertini, Carla; Nguyễn, Xuân Lộc; Li, Xiu-Zhen; Brix, Hans