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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Concept mapping influencing students' ability to summarize reading passagesNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Phạm, Ngọc Quan
2019Edmodo Use in Esp Writing: Students’ PerceptionsNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Tran, Phuong Nguyen Bao
2017English for Specific Purposes (ESP): Perceptions of students and teachers of learning needs at a Vietnamese schoolNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Nguyễn, Anh Thư
2017English-major students' perceptions of demotivating factors in learning readingNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Phạm, Thị Tường Vi
2018Impact of cooperative learning on learner motivation in speakingNguyễn, Thị Minh Trinh; Nguyễn, Bửu Huân
2018Impact of pictures on young learners speaking ability at a primary school in Tra Vinh province VietnamLiêu, Thị Kiều Quyên; Nguyễn, Bửu Huân
2018Students attitudes towards pair work in a Vietnamese universityNguyễn, Bình Thạnh; Nguyễn, Bửu Huân
2017Students' attitudes towards drama-based role play in freshmen's oral performanceNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Đỗ, Thị Ngọc Nhi
2017Summarizing strategy: Potential tool to promote English as a foreign language students' reading comprehension in a vocational school, VietnamNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Nguyễn, Thị Kim Ngân
2018Task-based vocabulary instruction at a Vietnamese high school: Students' perceptionsNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Nguyễn, Hoài An
2017Teacher beliefs about critical reading strategies in English as a foreign language classes in Mekong Delta institutions, VietnamNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Lê, Trung Kiên
2018Teacher corrective feedback on students' speaking performance and their uptake in EFL classesTrần, Thị Bích Phương; Nguyễn, Bửu Huân
2018Teachers perceptions about PowerPoint as an ICT tool for teaching vocabulary in VietnamPhạm, Thái Hồng; Nguyễn, Bửu Huân
2018Teachers' perceptions about task-based language teaching and its implementationNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Pham, Trung Nghia
2017Text-based vocabulary instruction as a learning tool for EFL freshmen reading comprehensionPham, Thi Hong Nhung; Nguyễn, Bửu Huân
2018The effects of question-answer relationship strategy on EFL high school students' reading comprehensionNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Nguyễn, Thị Bích Thủy
2018The impact of storytelling on high school students' oral performanceNguyen, Thanh Loan; Nguyễn, Bửu Huân