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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Complete mitochondrial genome of dong tao chicken breed (gallus gallus domesticus) of VietnamNguyen, Dang Ton; Nguyen, Hai Ha; Vu, Phuong Nhung; Nguyen, Thi Thanh Hoa; Ma, Thi Huyen Thuong; Tran, Thi Bich Ngoc; Nguyen, Thuy Duong; Nong, Van Hai
2020Genetic testing identifies the potential risk of multiple endocrine neoplasia in a Vietnamese familyNguyen, Hai Ha; Nguyen, Thi Thanh Hoa; Pham, Thi Dung; Nguyen, Huy Binh; Nguyen, Dang Ton
2020Genetic variation of pharmacogenesVu, Phuong Nhung; Nguyen, Dang Ton; Nong, Van Hai; Nguyen, Hai Ha
2022Genetic variations of filaggrin encoding gene (FLG) in the Vietnamese population revealed from whole-exome sequencingVu, Phuong Nhung; Nguyen, Huong Giang; Nguyen, Thi Hong Nhung; Nguyen, Dang Ton; Nguyen, Hai Ha
2021Identification of a de novo mutation in KRT5 gene underlying epidermolysis bullosa simplex by whole exome sequencing in a Vietnamese patientMa, Thi Huyen Thuong; Dang, Tien Truong; Nguyen, Hai Ha; Nguyen, Dang Ton
2019Identification of CYP2C9, VKORC1 genotypes and recommendation of warfarin dose for Vietnamese cardiovascular patientsNguyen, Dang Ton; Nguyen, Thị Thanh Hoa; Nguyen, Phan Anh; Vu, Phuong Nhung; Le, Thi Bich Thao; Nguyen, Hai Ha
2020Molecular markers for analysis of plant genetic diversityVu, Tuan Nam; Pham, Le Bich Hang; Nguyen, Nhat Linh; Luu, Han Ly; Huynh, Thi Thu Hue; Nguyen, Hai Ha; Ha, Hong Hanh; Le, Thi Thu Hien
2019Phylogenetic analysis of Vietnamese native chicken breeds using d-loop sequenceHuynh, Thi Thu Hue; Bui, Manh Minh; Le, Thi Thuy; Nguyen, Hai Ha; Nong, Van Hai; Nguyen, Dang Ton
2020Whole exome sequencing identified a pathogenic mutation of COL2A1 causing stickler syndrome in a Vietnamese familyNguyen, Dang Ton; Pham, Minh Chau; Duong, Thu Trang; Nguyen, Thi Xuan; Nguyen, Xuan Hiep; Nguyen, Hai Ha