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Title: Characterization of newly isolated thermotolerant lactic acid bacteria and lactic acid production at high temperature
Authors: Hoàng, Nguyễn Phương Trinh
Ngô, Thị Phương Dung
Nguyễn, Ngọc Thạnh
Huỳnh, Xuân Phong
Bùi, Hoàng Đăng Long
Keywords: Lactic acid bacteria
Lactic acid production
Lactobacillus casei
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: International Food Research Journal;25 .- p. 523-526
Abstract: This study aimed to select a number of thermotolerant lactic acid bacteria for lactic acid fermentation at high temperature, and to identify these LAB strains by using 16S ribosomal RNA sequences. The fermentative ability of 16 selected strains was examined at different temperatures (37ºC, 39ºC and 41ºC), of which, the lactic acid concentration produced by these LAB strains at 37ºC ranged from 6.0 g/L to 14.1 g/L. Ten LAB strains (L2, L7, L9, L11, L21, L26, L30, L36, L37 and L52) with effective lactic acid fermentation at 37ºC were chosen for identification. The selected strains were characterized as L. plantarum, L. casei, L. acidophilus, and L. delbrueckii. L. casei L9 was the superior lactic acid producing strain at both 39ºC (18.9 g/L) and 41ºC (18.0 g/L). Based on statistical analysis, appropriate conditions for lactic acid production by L. casei L9 at 39ºC were defined as follows: pH 6.51, glucose concentration 6% (w/v) and inoculation level 2.37% (v/v). At these conditions, the validated lactic acid concentration and the yield were recorded at 21.15 g/L and 80.84%, respectively.
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