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Title: General one-loop formulas for decay h→Zγ
Authors: Lê, Thọ Huệ
Nguyễn, Thanh Phong
Arbuzov, A. B.
Hoàng, Ngọc Long
Đặng, Trung Sĩ
Trịnh, Thị Hồng
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: The European Physical Journal C;78 .- p. 1-24
Abstract: Radiative corrections to the decay h→Zγh→Zγ are evaluated in the one-loop approximation. The unitary gauge is used. The analytic result is expressed in terms of the Passarino-Veltman functions. The calculations are applicable for the Standard Model as well for a wide class of its gauge extensions. In particular, the decay width of a charged Higgs boson H±→W±γH±→W±γ can be derived. The consistence of our formulas and several specific earlier results is shown.
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