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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Effect of epoxydized carbon nanotube master batch on polypropylene film propertiesNguven, Van Khoi; Trang, Vu Thang; Hoang, Thi Phuong
2021Acetylcholinesterase sensor based on PANi/rGO film electrochemically grown on screen-printed electrodesLy, Cong Thanh; Dau, Thi Ngoc Nga; Nguyen, Viet Bao Lam; Pham, Do Chung; Le, Thi Thanh Nhi; Le, Hoang Sinh; Vu, Thi Thu; Tran, Dai Lam
2021Essential oils of Tunisian Pinus radiata D. Don, chemical composition and study of their herbicidal activityIsmail, Amri; Habiba, Kouki; Yassine, Mabrouk; Mohsen, Hanana; Bassem, Jamoussi; Lamia, Hamrouni
2021Occurrence of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in leachate, surface water and sediment collected from Tay Mo landfill and surrounding areasNguyen, Thuy Ngoc; Phung, Thi Vi; Pham, Hung Viet; Duong, Hong Anh
2021Preparation and study on the properties of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene/polyphenylene oxide polymer blendTran, Huu Trung; Mai, Duc Huynh; Do, Van Cong; Nguyen, Thi Thai; Do, Quang Tham; Nguyen, Huu Dat; Trinh, Quang Dung; Luong, Như Hai; Nguyen, Vu Giang
2021Diterpenoids from Rosmarinus officinalis L. and their nitric oxide inhibitory activityLe, Thi Huyen; Le, Thi Oanh
2021Synthesis, characterization and anticancer properties of platinum(ll) complexes bearing chiral azomethine ligandsNguyen, Quang Trung; Pham, Thi Phuong Nam; Nguyen, Van Tuyen
2021Chrysin flavonoid adsorbed on B₁₂N₁₂ nanocage - A novel antioxidant nanomaterialKhalili, Atefeh; Baei, Mohammad T.; Ghaboos, Seyed Hossein Hosseini
2021TD-DFT benchmark for UV-Vis spectra of coumarin derivativesMai, Van Bay; Nguyen, Khoa Hien; Phan, Thi Diem Tran; Nguyen, Tran Kim Tuyen; Doan, Thi Yen Oanh; Pham, Cam Nam; Duong, Tuan Quang
2021Solar light-driven photocatalyst-enzyme attached artificial photosynthetic system for regeneration and production of 1,4-NADH and L-glutamateSingh, Chandani; Kumar, Abhishek; Yadav, Rajesh K.; Gole, Vitthal L.; Dwivedi, D. K.
2021Highly efficient transfer hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds over supported nickel and palladium nanoparticlesCo, Thanh Thien; Nguyen, Nhut Minh; Vo, Ly Dinh Khang
2021Lignans from the stems of Clerodendrum inerme GaertnTran, Thi Minh; Nguyen, Thi Minh Thuong
2021Adsorption of Ag⁺ ions using hydroxyapatite powder and recovery silver by electrodepositionPham, Thi Nam; Dinh, Thi Mai Thanh; Nguyen, Thu Phuong; Nguyen, Thi Thu Trang; Cao, Thi Hong; Vo, Thi Kieu Anh; Tran, Dai Lam; Nguyen, Thi Thom
2021Highly effective photocatalyst of TiO₂ nanoparticles dispersed on carbon nanotubes for methylene blue degradation in aqueous solutionNguyen, Duc Vu Quyen; Dinh, Quang Khieu; Tran, Ngoc Tuyên; Dang, Xuan Tin; Bui, Thi Hoang Diem; Ho, Thi Thuy Dung
2021SERS chemical enhancement by copper - nanostructures: Theoretical study of Thiram pesticide adsorbed on Cu₂₀ clusterTruong, Dinh Hieu; Ngo, Thi Chinh; Nguyen, Thi Ai Nhung; Duong, Tuan Quang; Dao, Duy Quang
2021An efficient synthesis, characterization and docking studies of 2-methoxy-3-(1 -substituted-1H-pyrazol-3-yl)quinoxalinesRachala, Muralidhar Reddy; Eppakayala, Laxminarayana; Tharikoppula, Giri; Maringanti, Thirumala Chary
2021Isolation of lignans and neollgnans from Pouzolzia sanguinea with their cytotoxic activityLe, Thi Hong Nhung; Nguyen, Thi Hoang Anh; Bui, Huu Tai; Phan, Van Kiem
2021Oxidation-reduction reactions in geochemistryBiswas, Salah Uddin; Karmakar, Kripasindhu; Saha, Bidyut
2021Study of copper releasing rate from vinyl copolymer/Cu₂O/Seanine 211-based anti-fouling paint coatingDo, Minh Thanh; Nguyen, Anh Hiep; Vu, Dinh Sang
2021Sesquiterpenoids from the barks and roots of Michelia alba collected in Xuan Mai town, Hanoi City, Viet NamLy, Thi Thu Hoai; Nguyen, The Anh; Nguyen, Thi Luu; Ngo, Van Hieu; Pham, Thi Ninh; Tran, Van Loc; Nguyen, Linh Chi; Nguyen, Xuan Nam; Tran, Thi Phuong Thao
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 327