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Title: The immune response ability of striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) against Aeromonas Hydrophila
Authors: Từ, Thanh Dung
Le, Tan Hung
Keywords: Nuôi trồng thủy sản
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Trường Đại Học Cần Thơ
Abstract: The study was conducted for the purpose of testing vaccine against haemorrhagic disease cause by Aeromonas hydrophila on striped catfish. Experimental design with 3 treatments: Control treatment was not injected vaccine and PBS (phosphate buffered saline), treatment was injected PBS and treatment was injected vaccines. Each reaments was using 30 fish and repeated 2 times. After 38 days collected data in each treatment about weight, length, observed and taked photos the abnormal sign at injection site and internal organs. The vaccine used in the experiments were oil-emulsion vaccine contain inactivated bacteria (A. hydrophila AH1). The results showed that vaccination did not affect fish growth. When challenge by bacteria (A. hydrophila AH1), the mortality rate of the fish in vaccination group was lower (6,67%) to the non-vaccintion group (100%). In addition, the microagglutination method was applied to determine specific antibodies with bacteria (A.hydrophila AH1). After the first 7 days vaccination has increased antibodies (>7) and remained high (>4) compared with control groups (<3) during the experiment. The results showed that vaccinated fish has higher antibody response and longer duration of immunity than control. However, the limitation of this experiment is using bacteria (A. hydrophila AH1) to testing the effectiveness of vaccine AH1. Therefore, it is often to add new strains of bacteria to provide information for the production of vaccines against dangerous disease on fish.
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