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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Evaluation of sterculia poetida L.gum as natural based disintegrating excipientVu, Thi Hong Quan; Nguyen, Thi Quan; Mai, Thanh Phong; Le, Thi Kim Phung
2019The traits of the plant growth promoting acetic acid bacterium, nguyenibacter vanlangensisVu, Huong Thi Lan; Bui, Van Thi Thu; Bui, Uyen Thi Tu; Yukphan, Pattaraporn; Malimas, Sukunphat; Kieu, Nam Phuong; Muramatsu, Yuki; Tanasupawat, Somboon; Le, Binh Thanh; Yamada, Yuzo; Tanaka, Naoto
2019Characterization of tetragenococcus halophilus from Vietnamese fish mashLe, Thanh Ha; Nguyen, Nam Trinh; Le, Thi My Chau; Nguyen, Thi Minh Tu
2019The amount and speciation of trace elements transported from rice field to canal during a flooding eventHa, Thu Trinh; Hanh, Thi Duong; Strucwe-Voscul, Ann-Christin; W. Strobel, Bjarne; Le, Truong Giang
2019Preparation and characterization of GO/ZnO electrode for supercapacitorsHoang, Tran Dung; Doan, Thanh Tung; Le, Thi Thanh Tam; Trinh, Quang Dung; Nguyen, Thi Yen; Ngo, Ba Thanh; Ngo, Thanh Dung; Phan, Ngoc Hong; Le, Trong Lu
2019Environmental impacts assessment of biodiesel production from jatropha and WCODinh, Sy Khang; Duong, Phuoc Hung; Phan, Dinh Tuan
2019Chemical constituents from the leaves of uvaria boniana in Viet NamNguyen, Thanh Tam; Nguyen, Ngoc Tuan; Hoang, Van Trung; Le, Thi My Chau; Dinh, Thi Trung Anh; Hoang, Van Luu
2019A hedge algebras based reasoning method for fuzzy rule based classifierPham, Dinh Phong; Nguyen, Duc Du; Hoang, Van Thong
2019Modeling and sliding mode control for a single flexible manipulatorNguyen, Quang Hoang; Ha, Anh Son
2019Synthesis of two new hydroximinosteroids from cholesterol and their biological evaluationDinh, Thi Ha; Salvaraja, Baskar; Pham, Quoc Long; Ngo, Dai Quang; Do, Huu Nghi; Jae Wook, Lee; Tran, Thi Thu Thuy