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2015High affinity and temperature sensitivity of blood oxygen binding in Pangasianodon hypophthalmus due to lack of chloride-hemoglobin allosteric interactionDamsgaard, Christian; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Jensen, Frank B.; Le, My Phuong; Bayley, Mark; Wang, Tobias
2015High capacity for extracellular acid–base regulation in the air-breathing fish Pangasianodon hypophthalmusDamsgaard, Christian; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Phan, Vinh Thinh; Dang, Diem Tuong; Le, Thi Hong Gam; Bayley, Mark; Wang, Tobias
2015Ecological risk assessment of the antibiotic enrofloxacin applied to Pangasius catfish farms in the Mekong Delta, VietnamAndrieu, Margot; Nguyễn, Thanh Phương; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Trần, Minh Phú; Brink, Paul J. Van den; Rico, Andreu
2015Some like it hot: Thermal tolerance and oxygen supply capacity in two eurythermal crustaceansErn, Rasmus; Nguyễn, Thanh Phương; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Madsen, Peter Teglberg; Bayley, Mark; Wang, Tobias
2016Recovery of blood gases and haematological parameters upon anaesthesia with benzocaine, MS-222 or Aqui-S in the air-breathing catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmusLe, My Phuong; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Ishimatsu, Atsushi; Damsgaard, Christian; Bayley, Mark; Wang, Tobias
2016Ambient CO₂, fish behaviour and altered GABAergic neurotransmission: exploring the mechanism of CO₂-altered behaviour by taking a hypercapnia dweller down to low CO₂ levelsRegan, Matthew D.; Nguyễn, Thanh Phương; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Nilsson, Göran E.; Brauner, Colin J.; Andersen, Mads Kuhlmann; Heras, Joseph; Turko, Andy J.; Bayley, Mark; Wang, Tobias; Lefevre, Sjannie
2015Increased temperature tolerance of the air-breathing Asian swamp eel Monopterus albus after high-temperature acclimation is not explained by improved cardiorespiratory performanceLefevre, S.; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Findorf, I.; Bayley, M.; Wang, T.
2014Oxygen delivery does not limit thermal tolerance in a tropical eurythermal crustaceanErn, Rasmus; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Nguyễn, Thanh Phương; Wang, Tobias; Bayley, Mark
2014High blood oxygen affinity in the air-breathing swamp eel Monopterus albusDamsgaard, Christian; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Fago, Angela; Weber, Roy E.; Buchanan, Rasmus; Kocagoz, Yigit; Helbo, Signe; Findorf, Inge; Bayley, Mark; Wang, Tobias
2016Gill remodelling and growth rate of striped catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmus under impacts of hypoxia and temperatureLe, My Phuong; Đỗ, Thị Thanh Hương; Nyengaard, Jens Randel; Bayley, Mark