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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Purification and characterization of novel fibrinolytic proteases as potential antithrombotic agents from earthworm Perionyx excavatusPhan, Thị Bích Trâm; Tạ, Duy Tiên; Nguyên, Thị Xuân Dung; Dương, Thị Hương Giang; Broek, Lambertus AM Van Den
2011Phase separation of polymer mixtures driven by photochemical reactions: Complexity and fascinationMiyata, Tran Qui Cong; Kinohira, Tomokazu; Phạm, Văn Đan Thủy; Hirose, Atsuko; Norisuye, Tomohisa; Nakanishi, Hideyuki
2011Identification and Field Evaluation of Sex Pheromone Components of the Pear Barkminer Moth, Spulerina astaurotaNguyễn, Đức Độ; Ohbayashi, Kanako; Naka, Hideshi; Nakada, Ken; Ando, Tetsu
2011Control Mode Switching of Induction Machine Drives Between Vector Control and V/F Control in Overmodulation RangeNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Tan, Luong Van; Lee, Dong-Choon; Park, Joo-Hong; Hwang, Joon-Hyeon
2011Improved LVRT Capability and Power Smoothening of Dfig Wind Turbine SystemsNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon
2011Formation and relaxation of the elastic strain generated by photocuring in polymer blends monitored by Mache - Zehnder interferometryPhạm, Văn Đan Thủy; Sorioka, Kazuhiro; Norisuye, Tomohisa; Tran, Cong-Miyata Qui
2011Sinusoidal Current Control of Single-Phase Pwm Converters under Voltage Source Distortion Using Composite ObserverNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon; Lee, Suk-Gyu
2011Diversification and Differentiation: Livelihood Strategies of Land-Owning and Landless Households In Thoi Thuan B HamletNguyễn, Quang Tuyến
2011Creation of Biofunctionalized Micropatterns on Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) by Single-Step Phase Separation MethodHồ, Quốc Phong; Wang, Shu-Ling; Wang, Meng-Jiy
2011Vinyl Functional Group Effects on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Silica-Filled Silicone Rubber/Natural Rubber BlendsĐặng, Thị Tố Nga; Kim, Jin Kuk; Lee, Seong Hoon; Kim, Kwang Jea