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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Towards an operational sar-based rice monitoring system in Asia : Examples from 13 demonstration sites across Asia in the RIICE projectNelson, Andrew; Setiyono, Tri; Rala, Arnel B.; Quicho, Emma D.; Raviz, Jeny V.; Abonete, Prosperidad J.; Maunahan, Aileen A.; Garcia, Cornelia A.; Bhatti, Hannah Zarah M.; Villano, Lorena S.; Thongbai, Pongmanee; Holecz, Francesco; Barbieri, Massimo; Collivignarelli, Francesco; Gatti, Luca; Quilang, Eduardo Jimmy P.; Mabalay, Mary Rose O.; Mabalot, Pristine E.; Barroga, Mabel I.; Bacong, Alfie P.; Detoito, Norlyn T.; Berja, Glorie Belle; Varquez, Frenciso; Wahyunto; Kuntjoro, Dwi; Murdiyati, Sri Retno; Pazhanivelan, Sellaperumal; Kannan, Pandian; Mary, Petchimuthu Christy Nirmala; Subramanian, Elangovan; Rakwatin, Preesan; Intrman, Amornrat; Setapayak, Thana; Lertna, Sommai; Võ, Quang Minh; Võ, Quốc Tuấn; Trinh, Hoang Duong; Nguyen, Huu Quyen; Duong, Van Kham; Hin, Sarith; Veasna, Touch; Yadav, Manoj; Chin, Chharom
2014Graphene/MoS₂ Heterostructures for Ultrasensitive Detection of DNA HybridisationPhan, Thị Kim Loan; Zhang, Wenjing; Lin, Cheng-Te; Wei, Kung-Hwa; Li, Lain-Jong; Chen, Chang-Hsiao
2014Up to 52 % N fertilizer replaced by biofertilizer in lowland rice via farmer participatory researchRose, Michael T.; Tô, Lan Phương; Đặng, Kiều Nhân; Phan, Thị Công; Nguyễn, Thanh Hiền; Kennedy, Ivan R.
2014Synthesis of PtRu/C-CNTs electrocatalysts for DMFCs with treated-CNTs and composition regulationĐặng, Long Quân; Nguyen, Manh Tuan; Nguyen, Viet Long; Cao, Minh Thi; Le, Van Thang; Nguyen, Le Hoai Phuong; Nguyen, Ngoc Phuong; Nguyen, Thanh Hoa; Do, Thi Nga
2014Isolation, characterization and identification of phosphateand potassium- solubilizing bacteria from weathered materials of granite rock mountain, That Son, An Giang province, VietnamCao, Ngọc Điệp; Nguyễn, Thị Dơn
2014Isolation, characterization and identification of endophytic bacteria in sugarcane (saccharum spp. L.) cultivated on soils of the Dong Nai province, Southeast of VietnamHoàng, Minh Tâm; Cao, Ngọc Điệp
2014Isolation, characterization and identification of endophytic bacteria in maize (Zea mays L.) cultivated on Acrisols of the Southeast of VietnamCao, Ngọc Điệp; Dang, Thi Ngoc Thanh
2014Isolation and characterization of lipid-degrading bacteria in wastewater of food processing plants and restaurants in Can Tho city, VietnamNgô, Thanh Phong; Cao, Ngọc Điệp; Nguyễn, Thanh Duyên
2014Isolation and identification of rhizospheric bacteria in Acrisols of maize (Zea mays L.) in the eastern of South VietnamCao, Ngọc Điệp; Dang, Thi Ngoc Thanh
2014Isolation, characterization and phylogenetic analysis of endophytic bacteria in rice plant cultivated on soil of Phu Yen province, VietnamCao, Ngọc Điệp; Van, Thi Phuong Nhu