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Title: Species richness and diversity of benthic diatom communities in Tram Chim national park, Dong Thap province, Viet Nam
Authors: Huynh, Truong Giang
Nguyen, Thị Niem
Keywords: Nuôi Trồng Thủy Sản
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Trường Đại Học Cần Thơ
Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the species richness and biodiversity of benthic diatoms in Tram Chim National Park in the dry season from February 2019 to May 2019.The benthic diatom samples were collected in 5 habitats, including (1) main canals, (2) criss-crossing canals, (2) Melaleuca habitat, (4) lotus Nelumbo nucifera habitat, and (5) Eleocharis sp. habitats. At each habitat the sample was collected at 3 sampling sites. Results showed that a total of 125 species, belonging to 34 genera, 20 families, 12 orders, 3 classes were identified. The Eleocharis sp. habitat had the highest number of species with 104 species (28 genera), whereas the lowest one was in the main canals with 81 species (22 genera). The density of benthic diatoms ranged from from 56,473±56,850 to 364,442±275,308 ind. cm-2. However, insignificant difference in density of benthic diatoms was found among habitats. The highest Shannon-Weiner H 'diversity index was found in Melaleuca habitat with a value of 1.96±0.32), followed by lotus Nelumbo nucifera habitat with a value of 1.51±0.74; and the lowest one was in criss-crossing canals with a value of 0.93±0.39. The Nitzschia, Gomphonema, Eunotia, Navicula, and Pinularia putatively dominated among habitats in the Tram Chim National Park.
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