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dc.contributor.advisorTran, Ngoc Hai-
dc.contributor.authorPham, Vu Chi Linh-
dc.description.abstractThe study was carried out to evaluate the effects of three carbon sources (sugar, rice flour and wheat flour) added at C:N ratio of 15 on growth and survival rates of larvae and postlarvae of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii), in comparison with a control treatment of no carbon source added. The larvae were cultured at the density of 60 individuals/litter in 500 litter composite tank with the salinity of 12‰. Larval prawn were fed with Artemia nauplius for the first 4 days, and supplemented with artificial feed (Lansy and Fripak) from day 5 onward. After 30 rearing days, prawn in the treatment with sugar addition had the highest growth (body length of PL 10 was 1.32 ± 0.08 cm), survival rate (59.3±17.6%) and yield (36.0±11.0 PL/L), which were statistically different from other treatments (p<0.05). Growth and survival rates of prawn in treatments of rice flour and wheat flour addition were higher but not significantly different compared with the control treatment.vi_VN
dc.publisherTrường Đại Học Cần Thơvi_VN
dc.subjectNuôi Trồng Thủy Sảnvi_VN
dc.titleLarval rearing of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) in bioflocs systems supplemented with difference carbon sourcesvi_VN
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