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Title: Label-free detection of DNA hybridization using transistors based on CVD grown graphene
Authors: Chen, Tzu-Yin
Phan, Thị Kim Loan
Hsu, Chang-Lung
Lee, Yi-Hsien
Wang, Jacob Tse-Wei
Wei, Kung-Hwa
Lin, Cheng-Te
Li, Lain-Jong
Keywords: Label-free detection
Liquid-gated transistors
DNA sensing
CVD graphene
Gold-transfer method
Issue Date: 2013
Series/Report no.: Biosensors and Bioelectronics;41 .- p.103-109
Abstract: The high transconductance and low noise of graphene-based field-effect transistorsbased on large-area monolayer graphene produced by chemical vapor deposition are used for label-free electrical detection of DNA hybridization.The gate materials, buffer concentration and surface condition of graphene have bee noptimized to achieve the DNA detection sensitivityaslowas 1 pM(10⁻¹² M), whichismore sensitive than the existing report based on few-laye rgraphene. The graphene films obtained using conventional PMMA-assisted transfer technique exhibits PMMA residues, which degrade the sensing performance of graphene. We have demonstrated that the sensing performance of the graphene samples prepared by gold-transfer is largely enhanced (by 125%).
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