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dc.contributor.authorBui, Cong Cuong-
dc.description.abstractPicture fuzzy set (2013) is a generalization of the Zadeh' fuzzy set (1965) and the Anta-nassov' intuitionistic fuzzy set. The new concept could be useful for many computational intelligent problems. Basic operators of the picture fuzzy logic were studied by Cuong, Ngan [10, 11]. New concept - Pythagorean picture fuzzy set (PPFS) is a combination of Picture fuzzy set with the Yager's Pythagorean fuzzy set [12, 13, 14]. First, in the Part 1 of this paper, we consider basic notions on PPFS as set operators of PPFS's, Pythagorean picture relation, Pythagorean picture fuzzy soft set. Next, the Part 2 of the paper is devoted to main operators in fuzzy logic on PPFS: picture negation operator, picture t-norm, picture t-conorm, picture implication operators on PPFS. As a result we will have a new branch of the picture fuzzy set theory.vi_VN
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Computer Science and Cybernetics;Vol.35(04) .- P.293–303-
dc.subjectPicture Fuzzy Setvi_VN
dc.subjectPythagorean Picture Fuzzy Setvi_VN
dc.titlePythagorean picture fuzzy sets, part 1 – basic notionsvi_VN
Appears in Collections:Tin học và Điều khiển học (Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics)

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