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Title: The paraffin embedding technique in the study of plant histology
Authors: Hoang, Thanh Tung
C, Yeung Ethvard
Le, Kim Cuong
Duong, Tan Nhut
Keywords: Dehydration
Paraffin embedding
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: Juornal of Biotechnology;No 17(02) .- Page.197-212
Abstract: Morphological and anatomical studies provide essential background knowledge of biological Systems during growth and development stages. Unique structural changes may also be identified to provide additional insight of the experimental System during the course of investigation. New and improved methods to study plant morphology and anatomy continue to appear in the literature. However, many classical histological methods such as studies using the paraffin embedding (PP.) method are still useful and contribute to our understanding of cellular details of the plant body.
ISSN: 1811-4989
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