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Title: Improvement of the accuracy of the quasigeoid model VIGA2017
Authors: Ha, Minh Hoa
Keywords: National spatial reterence system
National quasigeoid height
Least squares collocation
Covariance matrix
Semivariance function
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences;Vol.40, No.01 .- P.39–46
Abstract: As mentioned in (Ha Minh Hoa, 2017), a national spatial reference system will be constructed based on a highly accurate national quasigeoid model with accuracy more than 4 cm. In Vietnam at the present stage there isn't a detailed gravimetric measurement in mountainous regions and marine area. So with the purpose of improvement of accuracy of the national quasigeoid model VIGAC2017, we only can solve the task of fitting this model to national quasigcoid heights obtained from heights GPS/first, second orders levelling quasigeoid heights through least squares collocation. This scientific article will introduce a first research result for improvement of accuracy of the quasigeoid model VIGAC2017 on the base of it's fitting to 194 national quasigeoid heights by the least squares collocation. Research results show that accuracy of the quasigeoid model VIGAC2017 will be obtained at level of ±0,058 m and increased to 20,69 %.
ISSN: 0866-7187
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