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Title: Nghiên cứu sử dụng đất gia cố xi măng trong xây dựng đường giao thông nông thôn tại huyện Đông Hòa, tỉnh Phú Yên
Authors: Lương, Thi Bích
Nguyễn, Quốc Huy
Nguyễn, Sĩ Vinh
Keywords: Soil cement shallow mixing
Rural road
Compressive strength
Elasticity modulus
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Tạp chí Xây dựng Việt Nam;Số 9 .- Tr.137-140
Abstract: Development of transportationinfastructureis one of the important tasks in Donghoa district now to upgrade it become type four of urban in Phu Yen Province.New material to construct road's basis or pavement need to be researched to decrease construction expenditure. Soil Cement Shallow mixinghas been investigated. This paper studies DeoCa soil bank mixing withdry cement in laboratory. Compessive strength, Splittingtensile strength and elasticity modulusof soilcretesincrease significantly with growing of cement content after 28 days and continue increase follow cure times . E of the soilcrete is approximately 400 MPa after curing 28 days and R.rh of the soilcrete at 14 days is about 0,79 MPa as mixing 6 to 12 percent cement. Thus, DeoCa soil mix 6 to 12 percent cement can completely construct rural road's basis or pavementto serve truck travellingsafely.
ISSN: 0866-8762
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