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Title: Assessment of environmental situation in nelson county pigs cooperative, Lakota, north Dakota, united state
Authors: Doan, Duc Phuc
Tran, Van Thang
Nguyen, Hung Quang
Keywords: Liquid waste
Pig production
Solid waste
Waste treatment
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Journal of Animal Science and Technology;Vol.83 .- P.69-75
Abstract: This study evaluated the environmental situation in Nelson county pigs cooperative Lakota, North Dakota, United State. Total 10 samples that consisted of four air samples, two wastewater samples, one groundwater sample, one surface water sample and two soil samples were collected. All samples were analyzed according tothe Standard of United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2000 (USEPA). The results indicated that allindicators analyzed in air sample that took inthe production area and around the farm area of the Nelson countypigs cooperative were within permissible limits when compared to decision 40 C.F.R. in NAAQS. The analysisof wastewater samples after treatment of the company indicated that Nitratq targets was beyond 1.5 times, Fluoride exceeded 1.25 times the allowed limit, the remaining indicators analyzed were within permission of EPA standards of USA. The results of the analysis of groundwater samples showed that all targets were within permissible when compared to NTR 40:201l/EPA standards. The result of analyzing water samples in pond nearby the farm before and after the time of receipt of the waste water company indecated all indicators were within the limits allowed by EPA standards except BOD5, COD and NH4+-N. The result of analyzing soil samples in the wheat field nearby the farm showed all tragtes were within the permission standard except DDT and Chlordance. Therefore, it is concluded that the environmemtal situation in Nelson county pigs cooperative Lakota, North Dakota, United States was within the permissoin standard.
ISSN: 1859-0802
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