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Title: Control of induction machine drives in overmodulation range
Authors: Van, Tan Luong
Doan, Xuan Nam
Le, Thanh Toi
Keywords: Induction machine
Vector control
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Journal of Science Technology and Food;Vol. 20, No. 02 .- P.42-52
Abstract: In this paper, a control scheme of a vector-controlled induction machine (IM) drives in overmodulation (OVM) range to maximize the voltage utilization of the voltage-source inverter (VSI) has been introduced. In OVM region, a modified voltage reference is produced for the space-vector pulse-width modulation (SVPWM), which can cause the motor current to be distorted, leading to the damage of the VSI control operation. To improve the system control perfomance, the harmonic current components in the feedback currents needs to be removed before feeding to the proportional-integral (PI) current controllers. The response of the current controllers in OVM range has been analyzed, which gives good performance of the system. The proposed method has bcen veritìed by simulation results for 3kW induction motor drives.
ISSN: 0866-8132
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