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dc.contributor.authorHa, Danh Duc-
dc.contributor.authorNguyen, Thi Oanh-
dc.contributor.authorHa, Huynh Hong Vu-
dc.description.abstractIn this study, the acetochlor degradation by two microbial isolates, P. fluorescens KT3 and B. subtilis 2M6E, was determined. The immobilization of the bacterial mixture in alginate beads resulted in higher degradation rates compared to their free cells. The addition of glycerol as a cryoprotectant reducing adverse effects in long-term storage. After storing at 4°C for three months, the cell survivals of free cell with and without the cryoprotectant were 43.0 ± 6.1% and 57.3 ± 5.9%, while data for immobilized bacteria were 64.0 ± 5.3% and 77.6 ± 4.0%, respectively. These results prove that the immobilization of bacteria in alginate and the addition of glycerol can be applied for storing bacteria in a long-term period.vi_VN
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDong Thap University Journal of Science;Vol. 9, No. 05 .- P.86-92-
dc.subjectP. fluorescens KT3vi_VN
dc.subjectB. subtilis 2M6Evi_VN
dc.titleAcetochlor degradation by a mixed culture of P. fluorescens KT3 and B. subtilis 2M6E immobilized in alginatevi_VN
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