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dc.contributor.authorNguyen, Thi Thom-
dc.contributor.authorPham, Thi Nam-
dc.contributor.authorNguyen, Van Trang-
dc.contributor.authorNguyen, Tuan Anh-
dc.contributor.authorPham, Tien Dung-
dc.contributor.authorDinh, Thi Mai Thanh-
dc.description.abstractCarbon nanotubes (CNTs) possess excellent mechanical properties for their role playing in reinforcement as imparting strength to hydroxyapatite (HAp) coating. This work reports the electrodeposition of HAp/CNTs coatings on Ti6A14V substrate at scanning potentials range of (H-2.0 V/SCE, 5 mV/s, 5 scans at 45°C with the different functionalized CNTs concentration. The characterizations of the coatings were investigated. The amount of functionalized CNTs was determined using thermal gravimetric analysis. The X-ray diffraction results showed that HAp/CNTs nanocomposite coatings were composed of HAp and CNTs. The diffraction peak with the highest intensity found at 20 about 32° corresponding to the (2 11) HAp crystal and the peak at 26.3° can be assigned to (0 0 2) plane of CNTs. The HRTEM image confirmed the presence of CNTs in the coatings and CNTs amount of 7.25 % by TGA result.vi_VN
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVietnam Journal of Chemistry;Vol. 56, No. 05 .- P.602-605-
dc.subjectHAp/CNTs coatingsvi_VN
dc.titleCharacterization of hydroxyapatite/carbon nanotubes coatings on Ti6AI4Vvi_VN
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