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Title: Removal efficiency of Fe, Zn and Ni from wastewater of academic campus using hybrid constructed wetlands
Authors: Mai, Huong
Bui, Van Hoi
Nguyen, Thi Hue
Dinh, Thi Mai Thanh
Keywords: Hybrid constructed wetlands
Removal efficiency
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Vietnam Journal of Chemistry;Vol.58, No.04 .- P.548-553
Abstract: This study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of hybrid constructed wetland for removal of Fe, Zin and Ni from wastewater in Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). Vietnam. Wastewater samples were collected from the in-let, out-let and two filters of the hybrid constructed wetland (HCW) and analyzed for iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), and nickel (Ni) using Standard methods. The results indicated that the performance of the HCWs was efficient enough to remove those heavy metals from the wastewater fed to it. HCW-1 with filter 1 was able to remove average of 41.6 % for Ni, 55.1 % for Fe, and 80.1 % for Zn. Similarly, HCW-2 with filter 2 removed 51.7 % of Ni, 62.6 % of Fe and 79.3 % of Zn from wastewater. Thus, no significant difference in removing Fe, Zn and Ni from wastewater was observed between HCW-1 and HCW-2.
ISSN: 2525-2321
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