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Title: Some Traditions and Customs of the Giáy People
Authors: Sần Cháng
Keywords: Traditions
The Giáy People
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Vietnamese Studies;No. 03 .- P.5-26
Abstract: For the Giáy people, Tết is sacred. It's the day for relatives to gather together. It is a chance for people to relax, for the family to be together and rejoice, which is why Vietnamese have a saying: "As merry as Tết." A year has twelve months and it seems there is a Tết in every month. The first lunar month is called tháng Tết (Đươn xiêng in the Giáy language). The word "xiềng" means "Tết", hence vắn xiêng (ngày Tết), Cưn xiêng (ăn Tết), and Liều xiêng (chơi Têt).
ISSN: 1859-0985
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