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Title: Continuous production of pure maltodextrin from cyclodextrin using immobilized Pyrococcus furiosus thermostable amylase
Authors: Nguyễn, Phú Cường
Nguyễn, Minh Thủy
Park, Kwan-Hwa
Park, Jong-Tae
Kim, Do-Gyun
Oh, Il-Nam
Lee, Wang-Hee
Keywords: Pure maltodextrin
Packed-bed reactor
Continuous production
Pyrococcus furiosus thermostable amylase
Enzyme immobilization
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: Process Biochemistry;51 .- p.282–287
Abstract: Maltodextrin in specific length is of great interest because of its wide industrial applications. Previously, we have proven that Pyrococcus furiosus thermostable amylase (PFTA) produces high purity maltoheptaose (G7) from ┐-cyclodextrin (CD) at early reaction time. In this study, an optimal continuous process for pure maltodextrin production from CDs using PFTA with immobilization in a packed-bed reactor (PBR) was developed. For testing PBR, ┐-CD was used as a substrate to produce G7. The activity of immobilized PFTA in PBR retained 85% of the initial activity after 6 cycles, and the product purity was unchanged. The optimal conditions for the maximized G7-purity of 96.3% were predicted at 4.7 mL/min of flow, 1.1% substrate and 48.7 ◦C. Maltohexaose and maltooctaose, 92% and 97% purity respectively, were produced from CDs at the similar condition as well. Through this study, we successfully demonstrated the possibility of large-scale continuous production of pure maltodextrins from CDs.
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