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Title: A study on the localized corrosion inhibition for mild steel in saline solution
Authors: Nguyen, Dang Nam
Nguyen, To Hoai
Pham, Van Hien
Keywords: Mild steel
Localized corrosion inhibition
Electrochemical techniques
Surface analysis
Wire beam electrode
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology;Vol.56(2) .- P.174-183
Abstract: In this study, 0.45 mM yttrium 4-nitrocinnamate (Y(4NO2Cin)3) embedded in various aqueous chloride solutions, which has been studied as a possible localized corrosion inhibition system using electrochemical techniques and surface analysis. Furthermore, a wire-beam electrode (WBE) exposed to NaCl solutions containing Y(4NO2Cin)3 compound. The results indicated the possible application of a WBE in simulating and monitoring the localized corrosion inhibition. Moreover, Y(4NO2Cin)3 compound showed an excellent localized corrosion inhibition at 0.01 M due to high inhibition performance and good protective film formation. It also indicated that addition of 0.45 mM Y(4NO2Cin)3 compound increased the localized corrosion inhibition with a decrease of the Cl- ion concentration in the investigated solutions. A new method of localized corrosion inhibition estimation has been developed using a WBE which shows a consistent result with electrochemical and surface analysis data. In addition, other electrochemical techniques and surface analysis are also used for not only ensuring but also confirming the localized corrosion inhibition.
ISSN: 2525-2518
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