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Title: A Simple Linear Time Algorithm for Computing a 1-Median on Cactus Graphs
Authors: Nguyễn, Trung Kiên
Huỳnh, Đức Quốc
Ly, Hong Hai
Pham, Van Chien
Keywords: Median problem
Cactus graphs
Issue Date: 2017
Series/Report no.: Applications and Applied Mathematics;12 .- p.70-77
Abstract: We address the problem of finding a 1-median on a cactus graph. The problem has already been solved in linear time by the algorithms of Burkard and Krarup (1998), and Lan and Wang (2000). These algorithms are complicated and need efforts. Hence, we develop in this paper a simpler algorithm. First, we construct a condition for a cycle that contains a 1-median or for a vertex that is indeed a 1-median of the cactus. Based on this condition, we localize the search for deriving a 1-median on the underlying cactus. Complexity analysis shows that the approach runs in linear time.
ISSN: 1932-9466
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