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Title: The use of black rice husk ash as an additive in high volume fly ash self consolidating concrete
Authors: Bùi, Lê Anh Tuấn
Trần, Thị Bích Quyên
Tesfamariam, Mewael Gebregirosgis
Hwang, Chao-Lung
Chen, Yuan-Yuan
Keywords: High volume fly ash self-consolidating concrete
Rice husk ash
Compressive Strength
Waste management
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches;3 .- p.9-21
Abstract: The possibility of using residual rice husk ash, a by-product of steam boilers, containing high carbon content in high volume fly ash self-consolidating concrete was investigated in this study. The concretes produced were tested for fresh and harden properties, i.e. slump, slump flow, compressive strength, electrical resistivity, ultrasonic pulse velocity, chloride ion penetration and sulfate attack tests. Concretes having slump of 240−250 mm and slump flow of 500−665 mm were achieved without bleeding and segregation. The high volume fly ash self consolidating concrete having 28-day compressive strength of 28.47−44.98 MPa could be obtained with minimum cement content of as low as 152−203 kg/m³, this was done by increasing the mix proportion amount of fly ash and black rice husk ash up to 60% of the total weight of cementitious materials. The results on durability properties evidenced that, the produced concretes could be considered as durable and have good corrosion endurance. Moreover, the concretes found to be sufficient enough to use in reinforced cement concrete construction.
ISSN: 2348–8034
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