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Title: Contactless and non-destructive differentiation of microstructures of sugar foams by hyperspectral scatter imaging
Authors: Erkinbaev, Chyngyz
Herremans, Els
Nguyễn, Đỗ Trọng Nghĩa
Jakubczyk, Ewa
Verboven, Pieter
Nicolai, Bart
Saeys, Wouter
Keywords: Non-contact
Hyperspectral scatter imaging
Optical properties
Sugar foams
Issue Date: 2014
Series/Report no.: Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies;24 .- p.131-137
Abstract: A hyperspectral scatter imaging system was developed for the contactless acquisition of spatially resolved diffuse reflectance profiles for the optical characterization of turbid food products in the wavelength range from 500 to 960 nm. To investigate the potential of this concept sugar foams with different microstructures, but with similar chemical compositions, have been prepared by applying different mixing times to the same mixtures of sugar and albumin. Hyperspectral scatter images have been acquired from these samples and the absorption and reduced scattering coefficients have been derived from spatially resolved reflectance profiles based on the diffusion approximation of the radiative transfer equation describing the light propagation in turbid media. The estimated reduced scattering coefficients µs’ spectra clearly reflected the effect of the different mixing times on the foam microstructure. On the other hand, similar absorption coefficient spectra were observed, confirming the identical chemical composition of the sugar-albumin matrix. These results indicate that the hyperspectral scatter imaging technique has potential as a non-contact and rapid method for online quality control and process monitoring of foamed food products.
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