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Title: Dietary protein and carbohydrate requirement of juvenile Hawaiian limpet (Cellana sandwicensis Pease, 1861) fed practical diet
Authors: Hứa, Thái Nhân
Ako, Harry
Keywords: Limpets
Opihi Cellana sandwicensis
Growth performance
Protein requirement
Carbohydrate requirement
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: International Aquatic Research;8 .- p.323-332
Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate dietary protein and carbohydrate requirement of juvenile Hawaiian limpets Cellana sandwincensis. A total of 64 juvenile limpets (3.12 ± 0.86 g) were fed five different dietary protein levels ranging from 270 to 470 g kg⁻¹ for 90 days. Carbohydrate and lipid levels were held constant at 180 and 49.7 g kg⁻¹, respectively. Weight gain and growth rates of the animals did not differ significantly (P>0.05) among the protein levels ranging from 270 g kg⁻¹ (0.30 % day⁻¹) to 470 g kg⁻¹ (0.23 % day⁻¹). Next, opihi were fed four diets with protein levels from 210 to 500 g kg⁻¹ with a constant carbohydrate level at 120 g kg⁻¹. Weight gain and specific growth rates of opihi increased with increasing dietary protein from 210 to 350 g kg⁻¹, and significantly (P⁻¹. Elevated carbohydrate levels (180–370 g kg⁻¹) produced a significant difference (P⁻¹ (0.27 % day⁻¹) and 320 g kg⁻¹ (0.26 % day⁻¹). The weight gain of animals fed 180 and 370 g kg⁻¹ carbohydrate diets were significantly (P⁻¹. We conclude that about 350 g kg⁻¹ protein and 320 g kg⁻¹ carbohydrate levels could be used for opihi.
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