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Title: Factors Influencing the Adoption of Small-scale Biogas Digesters in Developing Countries – Empirical Evidence from Vietnam
Authors: Ngô, Thị Thanh Trúc
Nguyễn, Võ Châu Ngân
Trần, Sỹ Nam
Bentzen, Jan
Keywords: Small-scale biogas
Developing countries
Mekong Delta
Barriers for biogas adoption
Survey data
Logit model
Issue Date: 2017
Series/Report no.: International Business Research;10 .- p.1-8
Abstract: The use of small-scale biogas digesters among farmers and households in rural areas of developing countries is a well-known technology. The potential for biogas in these areas is probably much larger than presently exploited and therefore more knowledge on factors that may further the use of biogas is needed. The present study draws on data from two extensive surveys in the Mekong Delta with questionnaires of one hundred and two hundred respondents, respectively, and data collected from personal interviews in all cases. The empirical evidence shows that the technology is well known and if the purpose is to expand the use of biogas, financial instruments (like subsidies) are the most important to rely on. High investment costs are important for the biogas investment decision and subsequently information on the economic benefits of cheap biogas is an important topic to address.
ISSN: 1913-9012
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