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Title: Effect of HCl Concentration on the Oxidation of LIX 63 and the Subsequent Separation of Pd(II), Pt(IV), Ir(IV) and Rh(III) by Solvent Extraction
Authors: Nguyễn, Thị Hồng
Lee, Man Seung
Keywords: Platinum
LIX 63
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: Korean J. Met. Mater.;54 .- p.768-774
Abstract: During the selective extraction of Pd(II) by LIX 63 from 6 M HCl solutions containing platinum group metals, an oxidation-reduction reaction occurs between the LIX 63 and Ir(IV). Since the reduced Ir(III) cannot be extracted by solvating and amine extractants, the oxidation-reduction reaction has a significant effect on the separation of Pt(IV), Ir(IV) and Rh(III). Therefore, the effect of HCl concentration on the reduction of Ir(IV) during the extraction with LIX 63 was investigated at 3 and 6 M HCl solutions. The extraction behavior of Iridium by Aliquat 336 from the Pd(II) free raffinate showed that the percentage of iridium extraction rapidly decreased when HCl concentration was increased from 3 to 6 M, indicating that more Ir(IV) was reduced to Ir(III). Extraction schemes for the separation of Pt(IV), iridium and Rh(III) by Aliquat 336 from 3 and 6 M HCl solutions were investigated.
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