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Title: Modulation of bandgap in bilayer armchair graphene ribbons by tuning vertical and transverse electric fields
Authors: Vũ, Thanh Trà
Huỳnh, Anh Huy
Phan, Thị Kim Loan
Nguyen, Thi Kim Quyen
Tran, Van Truong
Issue Date: 2017
Series/Report no.: Superlattices and Microstructures;102 .- p.451-458
Abstract: We investigate the effects of external electric fields on the electronic properties of bilayer armchair graphene nano-ribbons. Using atomistic simulations with Tight Binding calcu-lations and the Non-equilibrium Green's function formalism, we demonstrate that (i) in semi-metallic structures, vertical fields impact more effectively than transverse fields in terms of opening larger bandgap, showing a contrary phenomenon compared to that demonstrated in previous studies in bilayer zigzag graphene nano-ribbons; (ii) in some semiconducting structures, if transverse fields just show usual effects as in single layer armchair graphene nano-ribbons where the bandgap is suppressed when varying the applied potential, vertical fields exhibit an anomalous phenomenon that the bandgap can be enlarged, i.e., for a structure of width of 16 dimer lines, the bandgap increases from 0.255 eV to the maximum value of 0.40 eV when a vertical bias equates 0.96 V applied. Although the combined effect of two fields does not enlarge the bandgap as found in bilayer zigzag graphene nano-ribbons, it shows that the mutual effect can be useful to reduce faster the bandgap in semiconducting bilayer armchair graphene nano-ribbons. These results are important to fully understand the effects of electric fields on bilayer graphene nano-ribbons (AB stacking) and also suggest appropriate uses of electric gates with different edge orientations.
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