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dc.contributor.authorLê, Thanh Tùng-
dc.contributor.authorPhan, Quốc Khánh-
dc.description.abstractWe consider nonsmooth multiobjective fractional programming on normed spaces. Using first- and second-order approximations as generalized derivatives, first- and second-order optimality conditions are established. Unlike the existing results, we avoid completely convexity assumptions. Our results can be applied even in infinite-dimensional cases, involving non-Lipschitz maps.vi_VN
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTop;23 .- p.419–440-
dc.subjectMultiobjective fractional programmingvi_VN
dc.subjectFirst and second-order approximationsvi_VN
dc.subjectWeak solutionsvi_VN
dc.subjectFirm solutionsvi_VN
dc.subjectOptimality conditionsvi_VN
dc.subjectAsymptotical pointwise compactnessvi_VN
dc.titleFirst and Second-Order Optimality Condition for Multi-Objective Fraction Programmingvi_VN
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