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Title: Investigation of antimicrobial activity and chemical constituents of momordica charantia L.Var.Abbreviata Ser.
Authors: Nguyen, Phuc Dam
Vo, Minh Dien
Luong, Huynh Vu Thanh
Pham, Thi Thanh Hien
Nguyen, Thi Thu Tram
Keywords: 5α-poriferasta-7,25-dien-3β-ol
Momordica charantia L. var. abbreviata Ser
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology;Vol. 57, No. 02 .- P.155–161
Abstract: The antimicrobial potential of the four extracts of Momordica charantia L. var. abbreviata Ser., including hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and methanol-water 80:20 (v/v) extracts was screened against four bacterial and four fungal strains, using microbroth dilution assay. The chloroform extract showed the highest growth inhibitory activity with MIC = 200 μg/mL on both Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis and MIC = 100 μg/mL on Aspergillus niger. Phytochemical study on the bioactive chloroform extract led to the isolation of four known compounds as octadecan-1-ol (1), (23E)-5β,19-epoxycucurbita-6,23,25-trien-3β-ol (2), 5α-poriferasta-7,25-dien-3β-ol (3) and 3-O-(6'-O-palmitoyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl)-clerosterol (4). Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods including 1D- and 2D-NMR, MS and in comparison with literature data. Here, such metabolites were reported for the first time from M. charantia L. var. abbreviata Ser.
ISSN: 2525-2518
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