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Title: Holocene sedimentary facies in coastal plain of the song ma delta, Thanh Hoa province
Authors: Vu, Van Ha
Doan, Dinh Lam
Nguyen, Thuy Duong
Nguyen, Thi Thu Cuc
Nguyen, Minh Quang
Hoang, Van Tha
Nguyen, Thi Min
Dang, Minh Tuan
Dang, Xuan Tung
Giap, Thi Kim Chi
Keywords: Holocene sedimentary facies
Song Ma Delta
Thanh Hoa coastal plain
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences;Vol. 41, No. 03 .- P.229–239
Abstract: The Ma river delta located in the North Central of VietNam is the third largest ones in Vietnam following the Mekong Delta and the Red River Delta. However, a few of study dealing with sedimentary of the Holocene deposit in the delta. This study aims to determine the Holocene sedimentary facies in coastal plain of the Song Ma Delta based on sedimentary structure and analysis of grain size, diatom, flora, pollen and 14C dating collected from the drill core LKTH2 borehole from the coastal plain of the Song Ma river delta. As study results, 08 sediment facies were establish among which 02 facies of transgression period and 06 facies of regression period. During transgression period, 02 facies of tidal flat clayish silt and bay silty clay facies were formed. Of which, tidal flat clayish silt facies was formed in 7,883 ± 43 yr BP. After the sea level had reached a highest, the delta was initiated and 06 facies were formed during the regression period i.e. prodelta silty clay, delta front clayish silt, tidal flat sandy - silty clay, sand ridge, lagoonal sandy silty clay, and flood plain silty clay facies. The tidal flat sandy - silty clay facies formed in 6.951± 38 14 yr BP caused by sea level fall and the coastline was identified around the LKTH2 bore hole at that time. Integration of sedimentary facies of the sand ridge and lagoonal sandy silty clay facies shows that the Song Ma Delta was dominated by wave process during its evolution.
ISSN: 0866-7187
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