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Title: Association of AHRR rs2292596 with male infertility in 422 Vietnamese individuals
Authors: Tran, Huu Dinh
Nguyen, Xuan Canh
Dinh, Huong Thao
Luong, Thi Lan Anh
Bui, Minh Duc
Nguyen, Thuy Duong
Keywords: Male infertility
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Tạp chí Công nghệ Sinh học;Số 04(18) .- Tr.617-624
Abstract: Male infertility is a reproductive disease in men caused by multiple factors ranging from harmful lifestyle habits to endogenous genetic elements. This study aimed to investigate the association between the polymorphism AhRR rs2292596 and male infertility. Total DNA was extracted from blood of 422 Vietnamese samples including 218 non-obstructive azoospermic and oligozoospermic patients and 204 healthy controls. The genotypes of the polymorphism were determined by PCR- RFLP method. The distribution of genotypes and their relationship with male infertility were analyzed by statistical methods. The results indicated that rs2292596 AhRR followed Hardy-Weinbcrg equilibrium (p-value > 0.05). However, there was association between the rs2292596 polymorphism and male infertility in the three models (additive, dominant, and recessive) (p-value > 0.05). The investigation would help enrich the knowledge about the influences of genetic factors on male infertility in the Vietnamese population.
ISSN: 1811-4989
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