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Authors: Nguyễn, Công Danh
Trần, Kiều Anh
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Trường Đại Học Cần Thơ
Abstract: Nowadays, reading books brings a lot of interesting knowledge to help people in many aspects of life, and the types of books are also published more and more diverse with genres suitable for all ages. Therefore, people's need to read books is increasing and gradually becoming a necessity in their free time. Besides, there are also problems such as customers who want to buy books have to spend time going to the library to choose books that suit their interests. It takes time and effort of customers while online shopping is very popular nowadays to serve the needs of customers far and near very conveniently. Through the above problems, Online Sales Management System for a Bookstore is introduced to help users search and buy books easily and conveniently without spending time going to the library or bookstore. In addition, it also helps businesses promote their brands and products to people, increasing the popularity of the store. The system consists of three main user groups: staff, administrator and customers. Functions and interfaces are designed specifically for each group user. For staff, the website supports book management by updating book information, adding new books to the system as well as removing discontinued books,… For administrators, the website also supports tracking existing orders on the website, updating status for orders, creating invoices, sales statistics,... For customers, the website supports functions such as searching for books, viewing details of each book, Manage your favorite book list, manage your shopping cart, place orders, review products, view order history, etc. The thesis will describe the technical aspects of building an Online Sales Management System for a Bookstore.
Description: 89 Tr
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