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Title: A compact autonomous display in space using water drops
Authors: Lê, Văn La
Phan, Định Duy
Võ, Thanh Xuyên
Keywords: Water curtain
Water display
Water drop
Water bits
Water control
Solenoid valve
Bitmap image processing
Issue Date: 2013
Series/Report no.: Hội thảo toàn quốc về Công nghệ thông tin;Tr.21-26
Abstract: We present in this paper the design and implementation of an autonomous in-space display system that is able to display digital images stored in computer using water drops. This concept is realized by exploring the ability of controllable solenoid valve. The system consists of two main components. The first is an array of nozzles equipped with controllable solenoid valve hanged up high producing water drops and creating a display surface. The second is embedded software that processes the digital image and issuing control signal to turn the solenoids open/close with respect to the binary values of pixels.
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