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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A facile and fast solution chemistry synthesis of porous ZnO nanoparticles for high efficiency photodegradation of tartrazineVu, Anh Tu; Vu, Anh Tuan
2020A role of consumer and financial literacy context in numeracy education for junior high school studentsChu, Cam Tho; Nguyen, Tien Dat; Vu, Anh Tuan
2018Effects of reaction parameters on photodegradation of caffeine over hierarchical flower-like ZnO nanostructureLe, Thi Mai; Luu, Thi Hoai; Vu, Anh Tuan
2020Flame retardancy improvement of modified cotton fabric bay nanosilica sol coatingPham, Thi Thu Trang; Le, Ha Giang; Nguyen, Ba Manh; Tran, Quang Vinh; Trinh, Duc Cong; Vu, Anh Tuan
2020Preparation of flower-like Cu₂O/ZnO for removal of dyes from aqueous mediumLe, Tien Dat; Nguyen, Thanh Hung; Vu, Anh Tuan
2018Preparation of rod-like MgO by simple precipitation method for CO₂ capture at ambient temperatureVu, Anh Tuan; Lee, Chang Ha
2018Removal of Pb²⁺ and Cd²⁺ ions from aqueous solutions using Fe₃O₄/Bentonite nanocompositePham, Van Lam; Nguyen, Binh Duong; Quan, Thi Thu Trang; Vu, Anh Tuan
2020Screening of several oxides used as efficient electrocatalysists for detection of 2,4-dimethyl phenol in aqueous mediumVu, Thi Hong Nhung; Nguyen, Ba Manh; Vu, Thi Thu; Pham, Thi Hai Yen; Le, Ha Giang; Pham, Hong Phong; Vu, Anh Tuan; Vu, Thi Thu Ha
2019Synthesis of mesoporous SiO₂ from rice husk for removal of organic dyes in aqueous solutionHoang, Thi Thu; Le, Tien Dat; Vu, Anh Tuan
2018Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide for high-performance supercapacitorPham, Thi Nam; Nguyen, Van Khanh; Nguyen, Thi Thom; Nguyen, Thu Phuong; Nguyen, Van Trang; Nguyen, Thi Xuyen; Vu, Quoc Thai; Vu, Anh Tuan; Dinh, Thi Mai Thanh