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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Effect of coconut oil levels added to Para grass (Brachiaria mutica) with and without concentrate as substrates on in vitro greenhouse gases production and organic matter digestibilityNguyễn, Văn Thu; Nguyễn, Thị Kim Đông
2018Effects of adding increasing levels of biochar to para grass (Brachiaria mutica) and concentrate on in vitro methane production and organic matter digestibilityLê, Thị Thu Vân; Nguyễn, Văn Thu
2018Adult learners’ social connectedness and online participation: the importance of online interaction qualityDiệp, Ánh Nguyệt; Tom, Vanwing; Chang, Zhu; Celine, Cocquyt; Maurice, de Greef
2018Atomic Heterointerfaces and Electrical Transportation Properties in Self-Assembled LaNiO3–NiO HeteroepitaxyZhu, Yuan Min; Do, Thi Hien; Tra, Vu Thanh; Yu, Rong; Chu, Ying-Hao; Zhan, Qian
2018The importance of wild gecko as a source of human Salmonella infectionNguyen, Khanh Thuan; Lý, Thị Liên Khai; Nguyễn, Thu Tâm; Hayashidani, Hideki; Taniguchi, Takahide; Tran, Thi Hong To; Vo, Thi Minh Tam; Hasegawa, Mizuki
2018Concept mapping influencing students' ability to summarize reading passagesNguyễn, Bửu Huân; Phạm, Ngọc Quan
2018Enhancement of the Seebeck effect in bilayer armchair graphene nanoribbons by tuning the electric fieldsTrà, Vũ Thanh; Nguyen, Van-Cuong; Nguyen, Thi-My-The; Nguyen, Thi-Kim-Quyen; Tran, Van-Truong
2018Co₂ Emissions and Economic Growth in Vietnam: An Ardl Bound Testing ApproachNguyễn, Thị Kim Nhung; Lê, Bình Minh
2018B-well-posedness for set optimization problems involving set order relationsLâm, Quốc Anh; Phạm, Thị Vui; Rabian, Wangkeeree
2018Effects of different protein sources in the diets on feed intake, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen retention of pregnant Bach Thao goatsTrương, Thanh Trung; Nguyễn, Văn Thu