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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Coordinated Control of Reactive Power between STATCOMs and Wind Farms for PCC Voltage RegulationNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Kang, Jong-Ho; Lee, Dong-Choon; Van, Tan Luong
2013Control strategy of three-phase grid-connected converters under unbalanced and distorted grid voltages using composite observersNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon
2015Estimation of ESR in the DC-Link Capacitors of AC Motor Drive Systems with a Front-End Diode RectifierNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lê, Quốc Anh; Lee, Dong-Choon
2012Condition Monitoring of Lithium Polymer Batteries on a Sigma-Point Kalman FilterSeo, Bo-Hwan; Nguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon; Lee, Kyo-Beum; Kim, Jang-Mok
2014Advanced SOGI-FLL Scheme Based on Fuzzy Logic for Single-Phase Grid-Connected ConvertersPark, Jin-Sang; Nguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon
2011Control Mode Switching of Induction Machine Drives Between Vector Control and V/F Control in Overmodulation RangeNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Tan, Luong Van; Lee, Dong-Choon; Park, Joo-Hong; Hwang, Joon-Hyeon
2014Fault Tolerant Control of DC-Link Voltage Sensor for Three-Phase AC/DC/AC PWM ConvertersKim, Soo-Cheol; Nguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon; Kim, Jang-Mok; Lee, Kyo-Beum
2012Extension of the Operating Speed for Vector-Controlled Induction Machine Drives in the Overmodulation RangeNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon
2012Flicker Suppression Scheme for Variable-Speed Wind Turbine SystemsLuong, Van Tan; Nguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon
2011Improved LVRT Capability and Power Smoothening of Dfig Wind Turbine SystemsNguyễn, Thanh Hải; Lee, Dong-Choon