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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Socio-economic evaluation on how crop rotations on clayey soils affect rice yield and farmers' income in the Mekong Delta, VietNamTrần, Bá Linh; Cornelis, Wim; Elsacker, Van Sara; Lê, Văn Khoa
2015Reproductive biology of the burrow dwelling goby Parapocryptes serperasterĐinh, Minh Quang; Trần, Đắc Định; Qin, Jian Guang; Dittmann, Sabine
2015Greenhouse gas emission from rice straw burning and straw-mushroom cultivation in a triple rice cropping system in the Mekong DeltaHironori; Trương, Thị Nga; Nguyễn, Hữu Chiếm; Nguyễn, Phạm Hồng Vân; Inubushi, Kazuyuki; Hosen, Yasukazu
2015Effects of chlorpyrifos ethyl on acetylcholinesterase activity in climbing perch cultured in rice fields in the Mekong Delta, VietnamNguyễn, Thanh Tâm; Nguyễn, Văn Công; Nguyễn, Thị Thúy Hằng; Berg, Hakan
2015Temporal and spatial assessment of river surface water quality using multivariate statistical techniques: a study in Can Tho City, a Mekong Delta area, VietnamPhung, Dung; Nguyễn, Hiếu Trung; Đinh, Diệp Anh Tuấn; Do, C. M.; Nguyen, N. H.; Nguyen, M.; Wang, X.; Chu, C.; Dwirahmadi, F.; Rutherford, Shannon; Huang, Cunrui
2016Coupling Environmental, Social and Economic Models to Understand Land-Use Change Dynamics in the Mekong DeltaDrogoul, Alexis; Trương, Chí Quang; Huỳnh, Quang Nghi
2016Comparison of planktonic microbial abundance and dissolved oxygen consumption between the aquaculture ponds of mudskippers and shrimps in the Mekong Delta, southern VietnamWada, Minoru; Trần, Đắc Định; Hà, Phước Hùng; Võ, Thành Toàn; Mai, Văn Hiếu; Takahashi, Kazuya; Iwataki, Mitsunori; Ishimatsu, Atsushi; Takita, Toru; Yagi, Mitsuharu; Yokouchi, Kazuki; Mori, Fumiaki
2017Expert based model building to quantify risk factors in a combined aquaculture-agriculture systemKoster, BenStewart; Nguyễn, Văn Quí; Sammut, Jesmond; Doan, Van Bay; Luu, Huu Hiep; Condon, Jason; Burford, Michele; Nguyen, Dieu Anh
2017Financial Capacity of Rice-based Farming Households in the Mekong Delta, VietnamLê, Cảnh Dũng; Đặng, Kiều Nhân; Võ, Văn Tuấn; Brown, Peter; Ward, John; Võ, Văn Hà
2016Effects of Sequential Applications of Bassa 50EC (Fenobucarb) and Vitashield 40EC (Chlorpyrifos ethyl) on Acetylcholinesterase Activity in Climbing Perch (Anabas testudineus) Cultured in Rice Fields in the Mekong Delta, VietnamNguyễn, Thanh Tâm; Nguyễn, Văn Công; Berg, Hakan; Laures, Jenney; Tedengren, Michael