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Title: A generalization of Hopkins-levitzki theorem
Authors: Lê, Phương Thảo
Nguyễn, Văn Sánh
Keywords: Prime submodule
Semiprime submodule
Prime radical
Nilpotent submod- ule.
Issue Date: 2013
Series/Report no.: Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics;37 .- p.591-600
Abstract: Hopkin-Levitzki theorem said that every right Artinian ring is right Noetherian. It is well-knnown that not every Artinian is Noetherian, for example the Prufer group Zp∞ is Artinian but not Noetherian. In this paper, we prove that if M is an Artinian quasi-projective finitely generated right R-module which is a self-generator, then it is Noetherian. This result can be considered as a generalization of Hopkins-Levitzki Theorem.
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