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dc.contributor.authorHayashi, Keita-
dc.contributor.authorBatsuuri, Ashidmaa-
dc.contributor.authorInukai, Toshitsugu-
dc.contributor.authorHirose, Takashi-
dc.description.abstractIn this study, compressive strength and flow characteristics of geopolymer mortar using fly ash were experimentally examined. As a result, following knowledge was obtained. (1) Compressive strength increases by adding finely ground fly ash and high concentration aqueous sodium metasilicate solution. (2) Compressive strength and change with time of flow value tend to be different depending on concentrations of sodium metasilicate aqueous solution, presence or absence of fine grinding of fly ash, and addition ratio of setting retarder. Also, it was hypothesized that state of floe formation is different depending on presence or absence of fine grinding of fly ash. Then, it was shown that it is necessary to verify influence of unit quantity of sodium metasilicate aqueous solution on flow characteristics and compressive strength.vi_VN
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTạp chí Xây dựng Việt Nam;Số 9 .- Tr.94-100-
dc.subjectFly ashvi_VN
dc.subjectSodium metasilicatevi_VN
dc.subjectAnhydrous citric acidvi_VN
dc.subjectCompressive strengthvi_VN
dc.subjectFlow valuevi_VN
dc.titleStudy on compressive strength and flow characteristics for geopolymer mortar using fly ash as activated fillervi_VN
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