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Title: Solvent extraction of vanadium(V) from sulfate solutions using LIX 63 and PC 88A
Authors: Nguyễn, Thị Hồng
Lee, Man Seung
Keywords: Vanadium
Sulfate solution
Solvent extraction
LIX 63
PC 88A
Issue Date: 2015
Series/Report no.: Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry;31 .- p.118-123
Abstract: Extraction of V(V) by LIX 63 and PC 88A was investigated from sulfate solutions under initial pH 1.2–6. Equilibrium pH had a profound effect on the extraction of V(V) by the two extractants. The extraction of V(V) by PC 88A occurred by a cationic exchange, while that by LIX 63 changed as the equilibrium pH increased. The cationic exchange reaction of VO2+ by LIX 63 occurred at pH < 2.5, while solvating reaction occurred in the equilibrium pH range of 2.5–5.4. The extraction reactions of V(V) by PC 88A and LIX 63 were identified by applying a slope method
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