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dc.contributor.authorLâm, Hoài Bảo-
dc.contributor.authorHuỳnh, Xuân Hiệp-
dc.contributor.authorPottier, Bernard-
dc.description.abstractThe paper proposes a new approach to model a bio-environmental surveillance network as synchronous network systems, systems consist of components running simultaneously. In the network, bio-environmental factors compose a physical system of which executions proceed concurrently in synchronous rounds. This system is synchronized with a synchronous wireless sensor network, the observation network. Topology of the surveillance network is based on cellular automata to depict its concurrent characteristic. Several aspects of the above model is simulated by using the case study Brown Planthoppers surveillance network in the Mekong Delta.vi_VN
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEAI Endorsed Transactions on Context-aware Systems and Applications;3 .- p.1-15-
dc.titleSynchronous networks for bio-environmental surveillance based on cellular automatavi_VN
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