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Title: Parallel Cellular Automata Based Simulation of Radio Signal Propagation
Authors: Trương, Phong Tuyên
Huỳnh, Xuân Hiệp
Pottier, Bernard
Keywords: Cellular automata
Parallel algorithm
Radio signal propagation
Wireless sensor network
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security;14 .- p.467-472
Abstract: Environmental monitoring is an increasing interest dueto serious impacts of climate change on socio-economic factors andhuman health. In these applications, radio links are the keytechnology allowing sensors to connect into networks that canoperate on various topologies and ranges. In this paper we proposea framework for easing exploration of radio link possibilities,taking into account geographical topologies. Massive parallelexecution on GPUs and cellular method were utilized in order tocompute radio propagation and estimate the strength of receivedpower. Several physical simulations could be federated forevaluating their consistency related to the described phenomena.
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