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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Assessment of Fungi and Viruses in Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) in Da Lat, Lam Dong provinceHoang, Thanh Tung; Hoang, Dac Khai; Do, Manh Cuong; Le, Van Thuc; Le, The Bien; Ho, Viet Long; Vo, Ha Tuyet Hanh; Hoang, Le Lan Anh; Nguyen, Thi Nhu Mai; Nguyen, Nhu Minh Nguyet; Vu, Thi Hien; Vu, Quoc Luan; Nguyen, Khoa Truong; Le, Ngoc Trieu; Hoang, Thi Nhu Phuong; Duong, Tan Nhut
2022E-commerce in the context of digital transformation in Vietnam: Opportunities and challengesHoang, Thanh Tung; Nguyen, Ha An
2020Face detection and recognition using raspberry Pl 4 base on deep neural networksHoang, Hong Hai; Hoang, Thanh Tung; Cao, Van Hai
2020Iron nanoparticles on growth and acclimatization of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. cv. "Jimba" in different culture systemsHoang, Thanh Tung; Truong, Hoai Phong; Phan, Le Ha Nguyen; Luong, Thien Nghia; Ha, Thi My Ngan; Do, Manh Cuong; Huynh, Gia Bao; Vu, Quoc Luan; Vu, Thi Hien; Nguyen, Ba Nam; Duong, Tan Nhut
2021Silver nanoparticles enhanced efficiency of explant surface disinfection and somatic embryogenesis in begonia tuberous via thin cell layer cultureHoang, Thanh Tung; Hoang, Thi Van; Huynh, Gia Bao; Le, The Bien; Hoang, Dac Khai; Vu, Quoc Luan; Do, Manh Cuong; Truong, Hoai Phong; Duong, Tan Nhut
2020Some methods in micropropagation and breeding of Paphiopedilum spp.Hoang, Thanh Tung; Vu, Quoc Luan; Duong, Tan Nhut
2018Stimulation of shoot regeneration through leaf thin cell layer culture of passiflora edulis simsTran, Hieu; Do, Thi Thuy Tam; Nguyên, Thi Nhat Linh; Hoang, Thanh Tung; Huynh, Gia Bao; Cao, Dang Nguyên; Duong, Tan Nhut
2019The paraffin embedding technique in the study of plant histologyHoang, Thanh Tung; C, Yeung Ethvard; Le, Kim Cuong; Duong, Tan Nhut