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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Assessing climate change exposure of rural fresh water and sanitation – a case study in CanGio districtNgoc, Tuan Le; Xuan, Hoang Tran
2018Stability and electronic properties of isomorphous substituted Si7-xMnx+Nguyen, Thi Mai; Nguyen, Thanh Tung; Ngo, Tuan Cuong
2018Effects of COD / TN ratio and loading rates on performance of modified SBRs in simultaneous removal of organic matter and nitrogen from rubber latex processing wastewaterDuong, Van Nam; Nguyen, Hoai Chau; Tatsuhide, Hamasaki; Dinh, Van Vien; Phan, Do Hung
2018Ammonia-removal efficiency of a novel acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain isolated from industrial wastewater of Ninh Binh coal nitrogenous fertilizer plantDo, Bien Cuong; Hoang, Ngoc Han; Pham, Van Thiem
2018A branch and bound algorithm for workflow schedulingPhan, Thanh Toan; Nguyen, The Loc
2018Optimal placement and active vibration control of composite plates integrated piezoelectric sensor/actuator pairsTran, Huu Quoc; Vu, Van Tham; Tran, Minh Tu
2018Synthesis and application of chitosan/graphene oxide/magnetite nanostructured composite for Fe(III) removal from aqueous solutionLe, Dang Truong; Tran, Vinh Hoang; Le, Dieu Thu; Tran, Ngoc Quang; Nguyen, Thi Minh Hang; Nguyen, Dang Khoi; Trinh, Xuan Anh; Tran, Le Anh
2018Seeded growth synthesis of gold nanorods for photothermal applicationDo, Thi Hue; Vu, Thi Thuy Duong; Nguyen, Trong Nghia; Tran, Hong Nhung; Nghiem, Thi Ha Lien
2018Investigation of cerium (III) activated-ceria nanoparticles as corrosion inhibitors for carbon steelNguyen, A.S.; Nguyen, T.D.; Thai, T.T.; To, T.X.H.
2018A study on the localized corrosion inhibition for mild steel in saline solutionNguyen, Dang Nam; Nguyen, To Hoai; Pham, Van Hien